Wedding Items

Assorted Vases

Brandy Snifter 120oz

Classic White Colonade, 9'

Classic White Column, 24"

Classic White Column, 32"

Classic White Column, 40"

Classic White Garden Fountain

Classic White Swan

Classic White Urn

Easel-Antique White with Ivy

Ferns, Ficus, Palms

Gold Archway, Bridal

Gold Archway, Heart Shaped

Gold Archway, Trellis

Gold Candelabra, 15 Branch (center)

Gold Candelabra, 3-tier, 9 Branch

Gold Candelabra, 4-tier, 13 Branch

Gold Candelabra, 5 Lite

Gold Candelabra, 7 Branch

Gold Candelabra, 9 Branch

Gold Candelabra, Aisle

Gold Candelabra, Double Heart

Gold Candelabra, Double Unity

Gold Candelabra, Single Heart

Gold Candelabra, Spiral (pair)

Gold Candelabra, Unity

Gold Candle Lighter

Gold Guest Book Stand

Gold Kneeling Benches (pair)

Gold Lamp Post

Gold Plant Stand

Gold Portrait Easel

Gold Vestal Lamp

Large Kneeling Bench (Single)

Metal Wishing Well

Mirror Tile

Silk Arrangements

Silver Archway, Bridal

Silver Archway, Heart Shape

Silver Candelabra, 15 Branch (Center)

Silver Candelabra, 3-tier, 9 Branch

Silver Candelabra, 7 Branch

Silver Candelabra, 9 Branch

Silver Candelabra, Aisle

Silver Candelabra, Double Heart

Silver Candelabra, Spiral (pair)

Silver Candelabra, Table Top

Silver Candelabra, Unity

Silver Candlelighter 

Silver Guest Book Stand

Silver Kneeling Bench (pair)

White Archway, Bridal

White Candelabra, 15 Branch

White Candelabra, 7 Branch

White Candelabra, Unity

White Guest Book Stand

White Kneeling Bench (pair)

White Lattice Archway, Bridal

White Lattice Archway, Heart Shaped

White Lattice Fence, Wood, 8' Section

White Lattice Four Piece Folding Panel

White Lattice Guest Book Stand

White Lattice Portrait Easel

White Lattice Three Piece Folding Panel

Wicker Archway

Wicker Bride and Groom Chair

Wicker Gazebo

Wicker Guest Book Stand

Wicker Plant Stand, 36"

Wicker Plant Stand, 42"

Wicker Screen 

Wood Easel

Wood Gazebo (with set up)

Wood Picket Fence, 8' Section